How Waitwhile works

Meet your smart waitlist

This is your command center, where you add, serve and notify your waiting guests. At a glance you can see what the estimated wait time is and your daily stats.


Add new guests

Quickly add a new guest to your waitlist on any device. You can choose what info to capture for new guests, like phone, email, service preference, party size and more.

add guest

Send text alerts

Once a guest is waitlisted they get a confirmation SMS with helpful info. When its soon their turn, they receive an automated text alerting them to head back. You can also send custom text alerts. You can customize and change the texts to suit your business.

SMS text alerts

Your public waitlist

While waiting, your guests can see where they are in line on your public waitlist. They can also take themselves off your list in case they cannot make it.

public waitlist

Check-in for your guests to sign up

You can let guests sign themselves up to your waitlist and create a check-in station on an iPad.

Check in flow

Learn about your customers

All your guest history is available under the Customer panel. Learn which customers are most loyal, see visit history and export your data into Excel.

Customer insights

Improve with Analytics

Waitwhile gives your insights into your wait times, peak hours, busy days and other trends so you can better manage your operations.


Customize everything

Waitwhile allows you to customize your waitlist and text alerts any way you want. You can add your services, staff members or other custom options to perfectly fit your business. You can personalize your text alerts and turn off those you're not using.


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