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Save your clients from long wait times with Waitwhile – the intelligent waitlist app. Create a free waitlist for your business with SMS notifications in under 3 minutes.
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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting in line… and counting ✌️
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Make it easy for your clients to join the line from anywhere

Your clients can add their name to the list from a tablet in your lobby, from home, from your website, your favorite social media posts - or by just sending a text! We make it easy for your customers to add themselves to the list so you have more time to do what you do best. (If you’re a control freak, we have options to let only your team sign up customers as well. You’re always in control of the flow!)

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Let your clients do what they want while they wait

No one likes to wait, especially when we have things we need to do. Empower your guests and allow your clients the option to spend their waiting time however they like. Our ‘alert’ features make it easy to keep your clients informed whenever they go, giving them time to do what they want while they wait for their turn.

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Unchain your stylists and let them manage the line from anywhere.

Control your waitlist on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Both you and your clients can view the current wait time anywhere, your stylists can alert customers that they are ready, and change the order of the line. Even if your WiFi goes down, we got you covered.

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Manage your line and your clients in the same line with ease

Let customers join the line or schedule time in advance. With a powerful bookings feature that automatically syncs appointments with your waitlist, your customers have total flexibility.

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Updates, Alerts, Surveys: Turn Your ‘Thank you, come again’ into Marketing Gold

Use our ‘easy to customize messages’ to thank your customers for their loyalty or fill out a quick survey. Use the feedback to find ways to improve and catch unhappy customers (before they give you a bad review online!).

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Find Your Business’s Trouble Areas and Improve your operations, automatically

With powerful analytics, you will learn about your wait times, visit patterns and resource usage. Waitwhile will automatically recommend improvements and tweak your operations with machine-learning to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

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Works with the tools you already use

With our powerful REST API and plug-and-play integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, SalesForce and thousands of other services, your waitlist is always in sync with your business.

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Waitwhile is trusted by 10,000+ businesses worldwide

Cliff Stefanuk
With over 3 million customers queued through Waitwhile, we’ve already given them over 140 000 days back. It’s been seamless!
Cliff Stefanuk

Cliff Stefanuk, Product Owner, Best Buy

Andrew Turczak
Waitwhile has improved the patient’s experience at Hartford HealthCare and increased satisfaction for both staff and patients significantly.
Andrew Turczak

Andrew Turczak, Director of Operations, Hartford HealthCare

Charles Johnson
We rely on Waitwhile to manage attendees at the festival. Our guests love the convenience and our staff finds it flexible and easy to use.
Vito Ziccardi

Vito Ziccardi, Producer, Tribeca Film Festival

Charles Johnson
Waitwhile has been an invaluable tool for our store teams in managing client’s wait-time expectations during peak seasons and year round.
Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson, Project Manager, Louis Vuitton

Mats Alexander
Waitwhile is super easy to use and helps us serve our customers more efficiently.
Auction Nation Mats

Mats Alexander, Director, Auction Nation

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Still not convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help

Intelligent wait time estimation

Check-in kiosk

Multi-location support

Toggle between waiting & serving

Appointment scheduling

Merge bookings with walk-ins

Analytics dashboard

Resource management

Instant synchronization

CRM & Customer insights

Export/Import guest data

Real-time service reports

TV monitor support

Message personalization

2-way messaging

Global SMS coverage

Saved / canned responses

Survey / feedback

Single-sign on (SSO/SAML)

Zapier support

Integration with CRMs

GDPR and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted guest data

White-label design

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